Business Process Management

Organizations are increasingly aware of how important is business process management and involvement of people in process management. Business Process Management (BPM) introduces new dimension to business. BPM dramatically reduces costs across the organization and streamline their operations and almost immediately increases profitability.

Corporate and business processes aren't isolated areas of management systems anymore which we are trying, more or less, successfully integrate into one cohesive unit. Frequently employees don't even know the functionality of such processes and therefore they are using them insufficiently. It is necessary to move integrated management systems to a higher quality level of integration with a strong emphasis on process management so they can get sufficient awareness of majority of organization's staff, partners and third parties.

For successful and effective functioning of organization is necessary to quickly create, modify and develop process-oriented applications which flexibly respond to changes in business environment, to economic situations and in legal framework.

  • Do you want to achieve cost reduction when manufacturing and supplying your products?
  • Do you want to be competitive when selling products and providing services and simultaneously optimizing overhead costs and support activities costs?
  • Do you want to achieve greater involvement of your employees and improve communication between different departments?

Versa Systems, as a consulting firm and system integrator in the field of business consulting services, offers you an expert assistance with implementation and re-engineering of business processes, based on the BPM and "Best Practices" principles. We will help you tailored BPM exactly to your company needs based on the internationally recognized procedures and standards in accordance with the valid legislation for your business environment. We will help you to improve the performance and efficiency of your organization. We will help you improve the usage of your information systems, set up the authority and responsibility model, alternatively motivational system. Our approach focuses on the usage of "Best Practices" in the management of the organization (people, processes, tools, information, risks, projects) with the goal of bringing together individual areas into one complex and effectively functioning unit.

What is BPMPaket ?

BPMPaket represents the implementation of business process management, i.e. the transition from functional management to process-oriented management supported by appropriate IT/IS tools that better defines the proportion of the various departments and individuals within a given contract or project, and thus motivates individual workers to achieve desired objective. Implementation of BPMPaket serves as a precondition for further efficiency improvement of implementation processes, administration and support processes downsizing and more efficient usage of existing information systems. Implementation is always based upon the project which has several basic milestones. An essential starting point for each business processes management project is so called situational analysis. The aim of the situational analysis is to evaluate the status of BPM within the boundaries defined by the customer (audit of processes, audit of staff, audit of information system etc.) according to the CMM criteria, eventually COBIT etc. Based on the results from analysis we will suggest a schedule of work and changes that need to be completed to increase the efficiency of your processes. The design of management and optimization of information systems and data mining about individual processes are all parts of implementation process, so you could gain much broader awareness about your processes based on evaluation of objectives and transparent information.

What offers BPMPaket ?

  • By implementation of business processes management systems on a higher quality level, which consists of the following basic steps:
    • analysis of the current status of business processes, scoping, strategy and the determination of the organization's requirements
    • mapping of processes, creating of clear process map
    • design and selection of an appropriate methodology for process management
    • formulation and definition of rules and design of operations and activities workflow
    • design of critical points solutions and setting of targets for increasing process efficiency
    • design and creation of individual workflows
    • design of IT infrastructure configuration for automated processes. This proposal uses, to the maximum extent, the existing infrastructure
  • Implementation of the proposed and optimized processes
    • assistance with the implementation of individual processes into practice
    • implementation of process changes (configuration, programming, deployment and application usage)
    • setting and implementation of indicators and metrics for processes
    • setting of appropriate templates and reports forms for the collection and evaluation of data about processes
  • Measurement and optimization
    • implementation of system for monitoring, measurement and evaluation of processes and measurement of their performance (BSC, COBIT, CMM, etc.)
    • aid with initial processes evaluation based on defined metrics
  • Guarantee of a fixed price for the delivered solution
  • Individual approach of our consultants, our consultants have more than 15 years of experience with the implementation and re-engineering of processes and process management
  • Minimum burdening of organization's staff
  • Execution of basic training for organization's employees

Duration and Price

  • The total time required for these activities depends on the support and cooperation of the customer (access to workplaces, course of activities according to the approved schedule, etc.)
  • Usually you can achieve the implementation of management system processes in 3 - 12 months given the complexity of the processes, the extent of the implementation of the supporting IT/IS infrastructure and the size of organization
  • We will prepare the specific price quotation tailored for you company, please contact us!

BPMPacket Benefits

  • Reduce costs – BPM implementation can reduce usage of the work capacity and allocate them to other necessary activities; important aspect is a very quick return of funds
  • Organization has managed, controlled and optimized processes corresponding with international standards and "Best Practices"
  • Increase of efficiency - proven cost reduction of supporting processes and other activities, including IT infrastructure costs
  • Continuous (predictive) control and correction of processes – thanks to "friendly" reporting and monitoring
  • Possibility of easy and rapid adjustment of processes using workflow
  • Simplification of carried out activities for customers and employees.
  • More flexible and faster adaptation to customer requirements

For whom is BPM suitable?

  • BPM is suitable for all organizations that have production or provide services within their business processes and they want to improve efficiency and effectiveness of management or company
  • BMP is necessary for organizations that want to continue improving, theirs performance level

BPM – based on ...?

  • BPM – Business Process Management is a process-oriented platform for business process management
  • BPM – by Versa Systems methodology is based on a set of methodologies, models measurements and analytic tools, which helps to improve the efficiency of business processes in various areas of business
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